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Televists Frequently Asked Questions

We combine Televist and regular office visits to a hybrid model for our patients’ convenience.

What is Televisit?

Our Televisits are virtual appointments with our providers through video and audio streams. With Televisit, you can make appointments with all of our providers using your smartphone, tablet, or PC with a webcam and microphone. As soon as you register with Televisit, your service provider arranges your appointment as a personal visit. Your doctor will ask you questions about your symptoms and determine the best next steps for your treatment. Your healthcare provider can also order prescriptions and lab tests for you as they do in person.

During Televisit

During the visit, your doctor may decide that you should visit face to face in our clinic. Our top priority is our patients, and we are taking every precaution to ensure your visit to us is in a clean and safe center. If you are a new patient, rest assured that you will be able to see the same provider in the future, both through Televisit and in person. Televisits are currently covered by most of the insurances as regular personal visits. As a clinic member, you will have unlimited access to same-day televisits.

Schedule a Televisit
To arrange a Televisit, call your provider’s number. Our employees will support you in planning your Televisit. If you are a new patient, contact us for your first visit. You can also request an appointment online, and one of our staff will be in touch to set up an appointment.
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